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RSGL is an iconic and trustworthy service provider of freight and shipping services via ocean, air, rail, and truck freight.

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Air Freight Services

Air Freight

Services Of Air Freight Logistics

Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC is a leading importer and exporter offering air freight services to customers all over the world. Our experts cooperate with various airlines to meet your specific requirements guaranteeing proper handling of your freight. RGSL takes pride in customizing solutions at competitive air cargo rates to meet specific requirements. Royal Gulf Shipping is the leading & trusted air cargo company in Dubai, Royal Gulf Shipping offers particularly better air cargo tracking through its mobile application and online website. Each customer has a unique ID from which shipment can be tracked. With connections all over the world, RGSL is able to offer competitive air cargo rates for Dubai to Philippines, Pakistan and India.

Why Should You Book Air freight with Royal Gulf Shipping?

Air freight shipping becomes easier if you have hired the right company to manage your freight requirements. Royal Gulf Shipping streamlines each step of the process and provides an advanced solution for your air freight needs. In comparison to other air freight companies in Dubai, Royal Gulf offers effortless air cargo tracking from booking of carriers to transferring of goods to your doorstep.


Compared to other modes of transport, air freight cargo is the most efficient and quickest medium of transportation. In particular, our experts cooperate with some of the best airlines to give you timely delivery as its faster than sea cargo

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Air freight offers wider global coverage to almost any country. Due to wider coverage of global destinations, a lot of customers of Royal Gulf Shipping prefer air freight over sea freight.

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In comparison to other modes of cargo logistics, airfreight offers more reliability in schedule. For freight shipping, commercial flights follow stricter schedules ensuring higher reliability.

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Air freight medium of cargo transit also ensures safety of your cargo. In comparison to other mediums, air freight has less risk of theft or missing cargo due to better management and control by airport security staff.

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Air Freight FAQs

Air freight is a logistics method that involves transporting goods or cargo via airplanes. It's a rapid and efficient way to move products globally. Learn more about how air freight works and its benefits for businesses.

Air freight services offer several advantages, including speed, reliability, and global reach. Discover the benefits of choosing air freight for your cargo transportation needs.

Air freight costs can vary depending on factors such as weight, dimensions, distance, and urgency. Learn how air freight rates are calculated and how to manage your shipping budget effectively.

Air freight involves compliance with various regulations and documentation, including customs procedures and safety standards. Understand the essential documentation needed for your air cargo shipments.

Shipping hazardous materials by air requires strict compliance with regulations and safety measures. Understand the guidelines and considerations for transporting dangerous goods by air.

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