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RSGL is an iconic and trustworthy service provider of freight and shipping services via ocean, air, rail, and truck freight.

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Air Freight Dubai Services

Air Freight Dubai

Our Air Freight Services

Are you looking for air freight services from Dubai? Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics has you covered. Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics is a leading importer and exporter, providing air freight services globally. Our team collaborates with multiple airlines to ensure your freight is handled properly, tailoring solutions at competitive rates. Based in Dubai, we offer high-quality air freight tracking via mobile app and website, assigning unique IDs for each shipment. With worldwide connections, we offer competitive rates for Dubai to the Philippines, Pakistan, and India routes.

Air Freight Services Dubai

Why Choose Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics?

We simplify air freight by handling all the hard parts, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. Our streamlined approach optimizes each stage of the process, delivering a solution tailored to your air freight requirements. Unlike other air freight companies in Dubai, Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics stands out with easy air cargo tracking, overseeing carrier bookings, and delivery to your doorstep. See below for more reasons why you should invest in our air freight Dubai services.


Air freight stands out as the most efficient and expedient means of transportation when compared to other modes. Our experts at Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics cooperate with some of the best airlines to provide timely delivery.

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Our air freight services provide extensive global coverage, reaching nearly every country. With its broad range of destinations worldwide, you can transport your cargo to any location you desire across the world.

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In comparison to other modes of cargo logistics, air freight offers more reliability in schedule. For freight shipping, commercial flights follow stricter schedules ensuring higher reliability.

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Air freight guarantees the security of your cargo and minimizes the risk of theft or lost shipments thanks to enhanced oversight and control by airport security personnel.

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Air Freight Dubai: FAQs

Have a question regarding our air freight services? See our FAQs below.

Air freight refers to the logistics practice of transporting goods using airplanes, providing a swift and efficient means of global product transportation.

Air freight services offer several advantages, including speed, reliability, and global reach.

Air freight costs can vary depending on factors such as weight, dimensions, distance, and urgency.

The duration of air freight varies depending on factors such as distance, route, and any potential delays. Generally, air freight can range from a few hours to several days for international shipments.

Air freight involves compliance with various regulations and documentation, including customs procedures and safety standards.

Shipping hazardous materials by air requires strict compliance with regulations and safety measures.

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