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RSGL is an iconic and trustworthy service provider of freight and shipping services via ocean, air, rail, and truck freight.

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Shipping Containers for Sale

Containers For Sale

Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics: Catering To All Your Requirements

Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics provides an extensive selection of new and pre-owned shipping containers for sale, offering various sizes, lengths, and configurations to accommodate diverse spatial requirements. Ensuring that every customer finds a suitable container to meet their specific needs. A typical shipping container can be of different configurations; at Royal Gulf shipping and logistics we offer containers from 8 - 40ft. Additionally, Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics also provide:

  • Flat-pack storage containers for sale, specifically designed for locations with limited space.

  • Open-top containers

  • A wide range of container accessories

  • Custom-built containers

Moreover, we can also procure IMO containers (tanks) and reefer containers with gensets upon request.

New and Used Shipping Containers For Sale

Are you looking for new and used shipping containers for sale? Explore Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics' comprehensive selection of new and pre-owned shipping containers for sale. Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics offers a complete solution for new and used shipping containers for sale at competitive prices. Our warehousing facility in Ras Al Khor functions as a stock depot. We invite individuals in search of new and used shipping containers for sale to visit our facility at 21 6a st – Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Here you can explore our diverse selection of shipping containers for sale. Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics also offers round-the-clock expertise from our staff who can help you select the right container for your business needs.

Containers For Sale

Why Choose Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics For Your Shipping Container Needs?

At Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics, we offer high-quality new shipping containers crafted from high-quality materials. For those on a tighter budget, we also provide used shipping containers that maintain functionality despite showing some signs of wear and tear. Our commitment extends beyond delivering quality containers for various purposes; leveraging our industry expertise, we stand ready to address all your questions and guide you to the right product or service.

FAQs About Our Shipping Containers For Sale

Have a question regarding our shipping containers for sale? See our FAQs below.

When searching for the ideal container for your needs, you'll come across a variety of options, such as shipping containers, storage containers, refrigerated containers, and specialised containers tailored for specific purposes. Each type fulfils unique needs.

If you're in search of a shipping container, feel free to explore our inventory of new or pre-owned containers at our warehouse facility. We provide a diverse selection of shipping containers for sale. Moreover, our team is available 24/7 to offer guidance and assistance throughout your buying process.

Shipping containers come in standard sizes such as 20 feet and 40 feet, but there are also smaller and larger options available. The size you choose depends on your intended use and space availability.

Yes, you can purchase both new and used containers. New containers are in pristine condition, while used containers may have some wear and tear but are often more budget-friendly.

When purchasing a pre-owned container, evaluate factors such as its age, condition, required repairs, and alignment with your particular specifications. Conduct a comprehensive inspection to verify its suitability for your intended purposes. If we have not answered your question or you’re not sure which shipping container is right for you, contact us by clicking the button below and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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