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RSGL is an iconic and trustworthy service provider of freight and shipping services via ocean, air, rail, and truck freight.

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Container Storage Services

Container Storage Services Dubai

Providing The Storage In Used Shipping Containers!

Royal Gulf shipping & Logistics LLC is providing state of art & secure Container Storage services for business and domestic use. We provide all types of Container Storage services including Self Storage Units, Ground Level Units & Upper Level Units. Our container storage units can assist with an inexpensive and accessible approach to domestic and business self-storage, whether they run out of space or simply to protect your property. What makes the difference is the flexibility of the services we offer and our total commitment to customer care.

Royal Gulf Container Storage Dubai!

Royal Gulf storing your goods in the used shipping containers for your easiness. We have different sizes of used shipping containers, where you can store your goods. Every unit is protected by 24/7 security for the total confidence of our customers.

Storage Containers For Rent - Dubai


Royal Gulf shipping container storage units are available in a range of convenient sizes – from 32 sqft up to 160 sqft at ground-level and elevated as required. We guarantee not only ideal conditions for whatever you choose to store, but also the peace of mind that comes with round-the-clock security. We are providing full 24/7 access to our customers (upon request) for your convenience & satisfaction. Our used shipping container units that we are using for container storage are of different sizes, and they are available for short- term and long-term storage purposes. We provide flexible services of container storage to our customers to maintain our bond of business with them. We make sure that our services of storage should be easy & manageable for our customers for their satisfaction & our prices are competitive so that the market challenges of our customers can easily be overcome. We would like to entertain any of your question that is about any of our services of container storage, we would be delighted to hear your remarks on our services to improve them even better. Please get in touch with our team if you can not find the exact solution of storage that you are looking for on our website.

Storage Containers Services

Dry & Clean Storage Units Featuring!

All with the guarantee of the lowest possible prices. Whatever your storage needs and duration required, we can offer you the most flexible, accessible and affordable storage solutions in the area. We know that what matters most to our customers is peace of mind. From our state-of-the-art facility just off the M25, we exclusively offer secure storage units with 24-hour access. Every unit is protected by 24/7 security for the total confidence of our customers. Available in a variety of sizes, our units are perfectly suited to all commercial, industrial and domestic needs. What’s more, with no contractual obligations to worry about, our customers enjoy unrivaled flexibility.


Experience our best services of container storage for cold storage in containers. And store with us the bulk goods in required temperature.

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With great temperature controlled storage that your good needs we are storing your goods according to their nature.

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Our cold storage units can store you pharmaceutical items, food items & all other items that required a frozen temperature.

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With the strong security of both personnel and CCTV surveillance we are making sure that your goods are in safe hands.

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Labor support which is highly efficient & smart can arrange your products as per your demands for your easy access.

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Distribution services are easing your goods transportation at you desired location for your business.

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Container Storage (FAQs)

Container Storage Prices:
• 20ft Container for Storage: AED 1,000 per month
• 40HC Container for Storage: AED 1,900 per month

Labor Services: LCL Handling: Our team is here to assist with both inbound and outbound handling at AED 15 per cubic meter.

Container Handling: Let us take care of the heavy lifting:
• 20ft Container: AED 250 for offloading/loading
• 40ft Container: AED 450 for offloading/loading

Container storage is the practice of securely storing goods, merchandise, or materials within standardized shipping containers. It's crucial for businesses to optimize space, streamline logistics, and protect their inventory. Container storage is a crucial service provided by Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC in Dubai. It involves securely storing cargo containers, which are essential for businesses operating in Dubai's dynamic trade environment. For many companies, efficient container storage in Dubai is vital to maintain a streamlined supply chain. By offering reliable storage solutions, Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC ensures that businesses have access to their containers when needed, facilitating the timely movement of goods and ultimately contributing to their success in the competitive Dubai market.

The most common types of containers used for storage include standard 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers. Specialized containers like refrigerated (reefer) containers are also used for temperature-sensitive goods. Commonly used containers for storage purposes, including in Dubai, where Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC provides top-notch storage container services, include standard 20ft and 40ft cargo capacity containers. These containers offer versatile and secure options for businesses looking to store goods efficiently and cost-effectively in the bustling Dubai trade environment.

Container storage can reduce storage costs significantly as it allows for efficient use of space, both in warehouses and during transportation. This optimization results in cost savings that can positively impact a company's bottom line. Container storage in Dubai, particularly the services offered by Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC, plays a pivotal role in enhancing cost-efficiency for businesses. Storage of containers in Dubai is essential because it provides a secure and flexible solution for companies looking to optimize their resources. By utilizing container storage services in Dubai, businesses can better manage inventory and avoid the expenses associated with larger, fixed warehouse spaces. This approach offers significant cost savings, which is crucial in Dubai's competitive business landscape.

Container storage solutions in Dubai cater to a wide range of industries, making them highly versatile and beneficial. Businesses in sectors such as retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, and construction particularly benefit from container storage in Dubai. These solutions offer a cost-effective and secure way to store excess inventory, seasonal goods, machinery, construction materials, and more. With the convenience of container storage, companies can streamline their operations, reduce overhead costs, and maintain easy access to their assets. Whether you're in the retail business looking to store excess merchandise or a construction company needing a secure space for equipment, container storage in Dubai serves as a valuable resource.

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