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Refrigerated Cargo

Refrigerated Cargo

Transportation Of Pharmaceutical, Foods, Fruits, Ice-Creams, Poultry & Fish Items.

Transportation of refrigerated cargo always takes extra effort to ensure the successful delivery of your items that needs a specific or cold temperature.

Royal Gulf is providing exceptional services of transportation of your refrigerated cargo with fast transit time, including inland services & smooth transshipment.

Our team of experts guides you about the ideal temperature for your refrigerated cargo, it’s packing & other safety measures.

Transportation & Storage.

Refrigerated Cargo!

Delivering your chilled & frozen shipments on time, with precise temperature control, & efficient logistics support of all sea, air & land freigh

Features Of Royal Gulf’s Services For Refrigerated Cargo!

  • Our experts will advice you about the temperature for your cargo.

  • Reliable & Innovation transportation techniques.

  • Fast & excellent transit times.Custom clearance services.

  • Each updates on shipment & quick problem solving.

  • Technical support about refrigerated shipment.

  • Container depot for your reefer cargo.

  • Solution for your total transportation.

Refrigerated Cargo FAQs

Refrigerated cargo, often referred to as "reefer cargo," is a specialized type of shipment that requires temperature-controlled storage and transportation. It is crucial in logistics because it allows for the safe and efficient transportation of perishable goods such as food products, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals over long distances while maintaining their quality and freshness.

Refrigerated cargo is used to transport a wide range of temperature-sensitive goods, including fresh produce, dairy products, frozen foods, flowers, vaccines, and certain chemicals. This method ensures that these items reach their destination in optimal condition.

Temperature-controlled conditions in refrigerated cargo are maintained using specialized refrigeration units within containers or trucks. These units can either cool or heat the cargo as needed to maintain the desired temperature range throughout the journey.

Refrigerated cargo services offer several benefits, including the preservation of product quality, extended shelf life, reduced spoilage and waste, compliance with health and safety regulations, and the ability to access global markets for perishable goods.

Yes, different types of products have specific temperature requirements. For example, fresh fruits and vegetables may require temperatures between 0°C to 10°C, while frozen goods need to be maintained at temperatures below -18°C. Understanding and adhering to these temperature requirements is essential for successful refrigerated cargo transport.

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