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RSGL is an iconic and trustworthy service provider of freight and shipping services via ocean, air, rail, and truck freight.

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Land Freight

Land Freight Services in Dubai

Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC offers efficient land freight solutions in the UAE and globally. We use our own fleets to deliver goods directly to our customers' doors, ensuring a fast and reliable service. Whether it's full truckload (FTL) or less-than truckloads (LTL), we've got it covered.

Our services extend beyond the UAE, with cross-border deliveries anywhere in the Gulf countries. What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping customers informed with real-time tracking updates. You'll receive notifications and can track your shipment's status anytime, anywhere.

About Our Land Freight Services

There are several features that come with our Land Freight services. These features include:


Royal Gulf’s temperature controlled land transportation moves your goods that need a specific temperature or frozen temperature.

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Our full truckload services are of high-quality land freight services. Our team will efficiently move your bulk cargo to various destinations on land.

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Royal Gulf provides a solution for customers with less-than truckload cargo by consolidating small quantities to create bulk shipments.

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Our land freight services offer a solution for transporting irregularly sized shipments that cannot fit into closed containers, catering to our clients' needs.

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Why Choose Royal Gulf For Your Land Freight Needs?

Royal Gulf offers a complete land freight solution, from storage in our warehouse to doorstep delivery using our own fleets, all at competitive prices. Our value-added services include:

  • Real time updates & tracking of cargo location

  • Highly competitive rates 

  •  Insured cargo

  • Door-to-door deliveries

  • Cross-border deliveries

  • Solution for bulk & irregular cargo

Land Freight At Royal Gulf Shipping

Get in touch with us to discuss your land freight requirements. Whether you’re looking for a full truckload (FTL) or less-than truckloads (LTL), we’ve got you covered.

Contact our friendly team today for more information!

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    Land Freight FAQs

    Land freight, also known as ground transportation, refers to the movement of goods over land, typically by trucks, trains, or other road-based vehicles. It plays a vital role in logistics and supply chain management, facilitating the transportation of goods within a country or between neighboring countries.

    Land freight offers various advantages. These advantages include cost-effectiveness, flexible scheduling, reliable delivery, and access to inaccessible locations, crucial for last-mile and bulk cargo transport.

    Land freight is versatile and can transport various types of cargo, including consumer goods, industrial equipment, perishable items, hazardous materials, and oversized machinery. The suitability of land freight depends on the nature of the cargo and the distance it needs to travel.

    When selecting a land freight provider, consider factors such as the provider's reputation, coverage area, fleet capabilities, pricing, and track record for timely deliveries. We are able to align our transportation services with your specific needs at Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics.

    Less-Than Truckload (LTL) shipping involves sharing truck space with other shippers, making it cost-effective for smaller shipments. Full Truckload (FTL) shipping, on the other hand, dedicates an entire truck to a single shipment, ideal for larger loads or when time-sensitive delivery is crucial.