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RSGL is an iconic and trustworthy service provider of freight and shipping services via ocean, air, rail, and truck freight.

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Sea Freight


Ocean Freight Services!

Royal Gulf Sipping & Logistics LLC have an exceptional service ranging from ocean fright, air freight, combined air and sea fright services which also cater full container and less than container load services, (LCL), and (FCL) respectively. Royal Gulf shipping and Logistics LLC provides a flexible and customized sea freight services framework which is available for shipping services all around the world. RGSL Logistics can cater your needs in most efficient and cost-effective way as it provides expansive and flexible location and chain of logistics services, which makes it convenient for our all types of customer to avail our sea freight services. Moreover, RGSL flexible and specific to customer services policy allows you to ship packages of almost any size, which includes less than container loads, over sized cargo and FCL, as per your desired needs.

Technologically Adapt Freight Servicing

Royal Gulf Shipping and Logistics LLC offers a complete solution for your sea fright needs. Our services include both air import, sea export, cargo containers and many other specific commercial services for business to business needs. RGSL business and cargo shipping model is an advanced techno-based system. Our ocean routing uses an efficient model of carrier’s preferences and structural model which ensures cost, and time saving services with the least hinders and delays in cargo shipment.

Safety, and Efficiency-our Priority

With the development of technology transportation through sea have become more and more reliable, safe, and more efficient. Our dedicated and highly responsive and cooperative customer services ensures that your product is delivered to you without any hassle. Customer services provides confirmation and other shipment related information via email and keep our customer updated about their shipment details till it reach on your door. We make sure that our customer received their goods in the actual of its forms.

Market Competitive Freight

RGSL ensures that our sea freight quotes, container shipping charges, and all our shipment rates are market competitive, without compromising on our shipment and customer services which makes it a reliable. Efficient, and trustworthy shipment services providers for your valuable shipments. RGSL values highly focus on the safety and protection management for all the shipment, especially for sea shipments. Our high-quality packaging and fast services ensure that your products are delivered safely to its destination.

Why is Sea Freight the most widely used shipment method worldwide?

Sea freight is an important and crucial part of all shipment and most of the shipment have been sent through by sea, hence it is a most efficient and cost effective means to ship products, especially for those goods who can’t be sent by air shipment. For our customers, there are many companies out there providing services for sea shipment and container shipment at reasonable sea Ans container shipment freight. If you are looking to send shipment, then you must evaluate all the companies out there based on their competitive distinction and your shipment budget.


Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics is a Pakistani Based technologically equipped fast and reliable shipment service provider company. Its key values and high-quality shipment services in market competitive freight rate makes it the best fit for your personal and commercial shipment needs.

Sea Freight (FAQs)

Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is the transportation of goods via cargo ships across the seas and oceans. It's essential for global trade because it is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of shipping goods internationally. Sea freight allows for the transportation of large quantities of goods over long distances, making it vital for businesses engaged in international trade.

Sea freight is generally slower than air freight but is more cost-effective for shipping large and heavy cargo over long distances. It is especially beneficial for businesses that can afford longer transit times and prioritize cost savings. Road transport is ideal for shorter distances, while air freight is faster but usually more expensive.

Sea freight can accommodate a wide range of cargo, including raw materials, consumer goods, machinery, automobiles, electronics, and even hazardous materials. It's suitable for both containerized and non-containerized cargo.

Sea freight shipping involves several key steps, including cargo booking, documentation and customs clearance, cargo consolidation (if necessary), loading onto the vessel, ocean transit, unloading at the destination port, customs clearance at the destination, and onward transportation to the final destination.

The duration of sea freight shipping varies depending on factors such as the distance between ports, the shipping route, and weather conditions. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for cargo to reach its destination. It's essential to check with your freight forwarder for specific transit times.

Sea freight costs depend on factors like the volume of cargo, the shipping route, the type of cargo (general, refrigerated, hazardous), the container size, and the shipping service chosen (FCL or LCL). Additionally, customs duties and fees may apply, which should be factored into the overall cost.

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